Why Choose Us?

Improving Security and Safety

Hadara IoT solutions give you extra protection and safety for your home, with smart locks, doorbells, motion sensors, smoke sensors, and smart cameras. The house is undoubtedly safer.

Successful Investment and Energy Savings

You can save 30% of your home electricity bill, with automatic control proper management, plus when you have the system, you'll definitely raise the value of your property.


The system is based on WIFI technology and Internet of Things according to the standard and global benchmarks. You can control all your devices with one, all using the existing infrastructure.

Luxury and Relaxation

Hadara IoT make you relaxed and enjoyable in your home in new ways as well as controlling smart devices in your home through voice commands without having to grab a mobile or do anything.

Interface & Application

The application interface is easy to use, simple, intuitive, and updates are completely free.


Our products are elegantly designed that can easily fit into any home interior.

Remote Control

Hands-free control and control your devices from anywhere on the globe. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control smart devices with your voice. You can adjust the temperature or turn on smart devices with easy pronunciation.


Make your home smarter with custom automation. Set timelines and charts, and let the Hadara IoT app do the rest.

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