Why Choose Us?

Improving Security and Safety

With smart locks, doorbells, motion sensors, smoke sensors, and cameras, Hadara IoT solutions defend and secure your residence.

Luxury and Relaxation

Hadara IoT allows you to operate smart devices in your house using voice commands without having to pick up a phone or do anything else.

Investing and Saving Energy

With effective governance, you may save 30% on your home power bill, and the system will undoubtedly increase the value of your house.

Product Designs

All of our products have an aesthetically compelling look that makes them easy to integrate into any home design scheme.


The system is based on WIFI and IoT standards and worldwide benchmarks. Control all your devices using existing infrastructure.

Interface & Application

The application interface is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use, and all upgrades are provided at no additional cost.

Remote Control

Remotely control your devices. Use Alexa or Google Assistant, for example Quickly adjust the temperature or activate other smart devices.


Make your home smarter with custom automation. Set timelines and charts, and let the Hadara IoT app do the rest.