WiFi Technology

The system is based on proven and stable WiFi technology. All you need is wireless Internet access in your home.


Elegant design touch switches Hadara easily fit into any interior. The front panel is made of tempered glass. Delicate illumination provides good orientation in the night.


The system is managed by application on your smartphone or tablet (system Android or iOS).

Timing function

Time functions allow you to determine when the device is switched on and off according to pre-established schedule.


Create scenarios adapted to your needs. Set every device has execute when you click a key scene. Eg. The scene out of the house can disable all the socket, turn off lights and appliances including TV.


Simple device configuration via single button. After connecting devices to the network wifi you have access to all functions of applications.

$ Savings

By efficient client heating or AC regulation, you can attain savings of up to 30 %, Dimming lets you save around 15 %

Further savings: linking appliances, time switching, weekly mode, detector

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You can control comfortably from a controller in the pocket or Smartphone

By pressing a single button, you perform several commands at once

You need not worry about switching things off or welcome customers to your store.

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Hadara IoT system ensures your personal security in case of a fire, flooding, or burglary.

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Plug & Play and Flexibility

system is simple to install and use. Plug & play devices are ready for use immediately after unpacking and a short configuration.

option of adding more devices, Change in functions by simple readjustment, Settings and management remotely without needing to arrive on site

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Integrated video cameras provide a view of what is happening at a location you are currently away from

Events are recorded onto a log that you can view later You can connect from anywhere in the world and monitor your home in real

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