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Experience the ultimate in smart home living with our cutting-edge Smart Control Panels.


IoT Smart Home Solutions

Monitor, Control, Automate, and stay connected with your residence.

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Smart Home at Ease

Control all your home with our All-in-One smart home application "Hadara IoT"

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Smart IoT Solutions

Do you forget to turn off your lights! Well, we have a solution.

Smart Lighting

Smart Home Solutions

Smart Lighting

Flexibly adjust the lights in any room with one tap.

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Smart Thermostat

Control & adjust the climate to your comfort.

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Smart Curtain

Close your curtains on the most blazing days.

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Smart AI&IP Cameras

Monitor your home and ensure safety.

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Smart Door Bell

See, speak, & hear anyone at your front door.

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Smart Sensors

Get alerts of movement, water/gas leaks & more.

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Smart Door Lock

Use your fingerprint, card, or app to unlock the door.

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Smart Garage

Open/Close your garage door based on geolocation.

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Smart Irrigation

Trigger your irrigation system using sensor data.

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