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Hadara IoT WiFi Smart Garage
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Conventional garage door motors are expensive and the cost for installation and smart upgrade is high. To resolve this challenge, Hadara developed lightweight retrofitting solution for the smart upgrade of conventional garage door motors. Garage door controller are suitable for the control of garage door motor switches.

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Smart Upgrades

Help the smart upgrade of conventional garage doors. Quickly make conventional garage door "smart", and enjoy smart features such as remote door opening, automatic opening/closing, garage-door status monitoring, and real-time status display.

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Voice Control

The solutions allow you to open and close the garage door through voice control, which sets your hands free and makes driving safer.

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Leaving Home

After leaving home, you won't worry about whether your garage door has been closed. The smart garage door controller will automatically close the garage door and send you notifications. If you are worried about thieves when you are away from home, you can check the status of the garage door with your app anytime and anywhere.

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Coming Home

The garage door controller opens the garage door right before your car reaches the home.Meanwhile, the lights, air-conditioner, curtains, and TV are ready to serve you as per your habits. It's time to relax on the sofa and enjoy the warmth of home after a long day at work.

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Solution Functions

Remote Control

You can remotely open or close your garage door via mobile app from anywhere.Rest assured, everything is under control.

Voice Control

You can connect your garage door controller to a smart speaker and control your garage door with your voice. The solutions support smooth connections with popular smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use simple voice commands to open or close your garage door.

Timer Control

You can set a timer to open or close the garage door at the specified time points. You can create one or more door opening/closing commands, or set a cycle timer to open or close the garage door cyclically, 24/7.


When your garage door remains open for a long time, the garage door controller sends you an alert to remind you to close the door and ensure the security of your home.

Message Push

When the garage door is open or closed, you will be notified of the garage door status in real time.

Run-time Settings

Wondering how long it takes to open the garage door?You can set the schedule as per the actual open status and dynamically monitor the garage door status.

Device Sharing

You can quickly, easily, and securely share the control of your garage door controller with your friends, family members, nanny, or cleaners.

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