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Hadara's smart lock solutions guard your home and enhance your smart environment.

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Create personalized welcome home scenarios for every family member, triggering special home automation at the moment when the door is unlocked. Grant access to visitors, supporting temporary and offline passwords. Easily manage access for visitors in residential, social, and commercial scenarios.

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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Enjoy special welcome-home automations.

Ditch Your Keys

Smart locks offer convenient keyless access to your home, whether by fingerprint, or by a card or password.

Customize Welcome-home Scenarios

Create personalized scenarios for every family member when they walk in the door.

Voice control

Supports voice control of the door lock products; realized unlock, lock and other functions through Echo, Google Home. Make life more easier and convenience.

Temporary Access

Temporary Access

Smart temporary access permission. Easily manage access for visitors in residential, social, and commercial scenarios.

One-time Password

A one-time password is valid for only one access operation. Create a unique temporary password for entering visitors, friends, and service people.

Periodic Password

Visitors have reoccurring scheduled access times. For example, they are invited every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Ideal for short to medium term visitors such as babysitters, house cleaners, and others.

Offline Password

Smart locks can work offline. Create an offline password to unlock the door without internet connection.

Reliable Security

Reliable Security

Provide full-link communication encryption and real-time event alerts in case of unexpected access.

Secure Encryption

Full-link communication encryption and built-in clipper chip protect your home 24/7.

Live Alerts

Get a text, or trigger an alarm immediately if security is breached. For example, if locks have low battery, are tampered with or someone tries to break the lock.

Connected Ecosystem

Connected Ecosystem

Every smart lock connects infinite smart business possibilities.

Third-party Voice Control

Integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The voice activated locking systems allows you to lock, unlock, and check the status of the lock with voice commands.

Video Doorbell Linkage

In the Hadara ecosystem, the linkage between a smart lock and a video doorbell lets you screen and speak to your visitors, answering the door from anywhere.

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