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Keep your plants irrigated.

Irrigation System

Compared with traditional water valve controllers, water valve controllers developed by Hadara's smart solutions feature remote irrigation control, water consumption adjustment, and regular irrigation. This way, irrigation becomes more sufficient and water absorption becomes better. The smart weather sensing system automatically adjusts the irrigation plan, provides sufficient water for vegetation, and saves water and money by detecting the weather condition, soil temperature and humidity, wind speed, and ambient temperature.

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Remote Control

Hadara's smart water valve controller solutions support automatic irrigation and enable you to view and manage your irrigation plans anywhere and anytime.The solutions convert a simple outdoor water timer to a smart water source. You can quickly and easily irrigate your garden even when you are on vacation.

Cycle irrigation

The cycle irrigation function makes water absorption better in a specified period, which saves water and prevents water loss.

Smart irrigation

Dynamic weather-based adjustment. Set schedules to irrigate garden on specific dates and at a specific time. Smart water valve controllers can adjust your schedules in a smart manner. By capturing real-time weather conditions and soil-related data, they can skip unnecessary scheduled irrigation to save water and protect plants.

Voice control

You can use your voice assistant to control the smart water valve controllers anytime and anywhere, making irrigation more convenient.

Solution Functions

Remote Monitoring

You can remotely control water valves on/off through the app, set a reasonable irrigation time, and monitor your garden in real-time.

Voice Control

You can connect the smart water valve controllers to smart speakers and control your water valves with your voice. The smart water valve controller solutions support smooth connections with popular smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Irrigate your garden with one voice command.

Weather-Based Irrigation Adjustment

You do not need to irrigate your garden on rainy or snowy days. With the smart weather-based irrigation adjustment function, smart water valve controllers can detect weather conditions in real-time, automatically adjust your irrigation plans, and save water.

Water Consumption Monitoring

Designed with the water consumption monitoring function, smart water valve controllers record daily and weekly water consumption data, ensure data accuracy, and dynamically adjust monthly water consumption.

Sensor Data

The data sensing function enables smart water valve controllers to record the soil monitoring data in real-time, dynamically display the soil temperature and humidity change curves, and reasonably adjust irrigation plans. You can also set temperature and humidity thresholds to protect your plants.

Cycle Irrigation

In a certain period of time, Set a reasonable irrigation and immersion time, So that water can be fully absorbed, To avoid waste.


Set start time and irrigation duration, without manual execution, automatically carry out the courtyard irrigation task, peace of mind, Support timing Settings ,24/7


Get real-time irrigation information Notification, monitor the home courtyard.

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