Smart Home Basic Package

Smart Lighting Control

Brighten or dim any lights in the entire home with a single touch. Enjoy customised, adjustable and energy efficient lighting that reflects your mood.

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What's Included In Lighting Control

4 Switches, Either 1/2/3 Gang

It is viable for two areas

Smart Thermostat Control

Control your AC and adjust the temperature to your convenience. Enjoy personalised comfort settings that can be activated on schedule.

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What's Included In Thermostat Control

2 AC Control Units

Smart CCTV Solution

Monitor your home 24/7 through indoor or outdoor cameras. View video feeds on your mobile devices.

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What's Included In CCTV Solution

3 Cameras Units

Intercom Solution

Provides high definition video and high quality audio connection with an outdoor unit to keep you connected with visitors at your front door.

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What's Included In Intercom Solution

1 Indoor Intercom Unit

1 Outdoor Intercom Unit

Wireless Connectivity

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What's Included In Wireless Connectivity

4 AP (Access Point) Units