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Smart Door Lock
Smart Door Lock
Dhs. 2,500
Smart Home Sliver Package
Custom Package
Dhs. 495
One time site Visit (BOQ or Technical Visit)
Smart WiFi Power Strip with USB
Silver Package
Silver Package
From Dhs. 150
Smart flood-light camera
Smart doorbell
Smart doorbell
Dhs. 960
Smart WiFi outdoor pan & tilt camera
Smart Wi-Fi outdoor fixed camera
Smart WiFi baby monitor
Smart WiFi Camera indoor fixed camera
Smart WiFi Camera indoor pan & tilt camera
Smart WIFI Thermostat For FCU
Smart Wireless On/Off Touch Switch,1-gang
Smart Wireless On/Off Touch Switch,2-gang
Smart Wireless On/Off Touch Switch,3-gang
Smart Wireless Dimmer Touch Switch
Smart Wireless Boiler Touch Switch
Smart Wireless Power Socket
Smart Main Host
Smart Main Host
Dhs. 1,270
Security Wireless Gateway

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